Customer Success Starts with a Great Team

A “Customer Success” trend is emerging in business, particularly in the SaaS industry. The Customer Relationship Management following the initial sale is where Customer Success begins.

This is a recent discipline, which is still evolving. The definition of responsibilities around it, the terminology used to define its activities, and the metrics used to gauge its performance are still very wide. In any case, having a customer success team filled with motivated, happy employees is critical. One thing is clear for any business that relies on continuing income streams from its clients; you can manage your customer relationships as a planned portfolio of assets, or you can cede control and the future of your company to chance. Customer acquisition is only the first step in what should be a long term, well engineered and meticulously directed tactic executed by the people in your business.
To catch the attention of everyone, you have to come up with the best message. It should be loud and clear for your target audience. A customer success team can help you improve the messages and channels you are using to communicate with potential customers.

What is Customer Success Management?

Customer Success Management has functions and activities from sales, marketing, professional services, and training. But a customer success team can also support other roles to meet the requirements of the recurring income model companies. It also gets involved with solving client portfolio development, expansion, and retention.

There are 3 necessary building blocks for this emerging profession:

1 An in-depth knowledge of customers

2 Efficient product knowledge

3 Widespread domain expertise

The traditional perception of a product and it’s packaging as a stand-alone artifact has passed. Today’s definitive strategic goal of Customer Success is sustainable corporate growth and profitability. That is, the method is to make your clients productive and profitable as possible.

The Customer Success Team’s Mission

It’s the customer success mission to build and establish more proven value quicker for the clients and the company. In a nutshell, is it is what the CSM groups guarantee to achieve. Being capable of proving your value in these directions will be the most important aspect. Your customer success team will need to be both well versed in the product, its use, and able to provide great service.

The Role of Customer Success Managers

Everyday activities of the customer success team members could differ and this may depend on the scope of the company. For example, there could be a team committed only to responding to the chum threats. They might spend their time attempting to persuade the “Code Red” clients not to go.

The sooner the team resolves this and sustains customer relations, the more efficient they will become and the less the cost will be.

Written by Courtney Meyers

After years of hard training, mastering the arts of of fighting organizational friction, Courtney has finally gathered the perfect team of Friction Ninjas from around the world. They have come to be known as Movanti. Think of her as the Miyagi to our Karate Kids.

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