How to End Recruiting Friction in Call Centers

When I worked in the call center world as a recruiter we had more friction than a sweater fresh out of the dryer with no dryer sheet. Our largest challenges came in the area of screening the applicants and the processes behind the scenes.

Screening the applicants was really just finding the balance between ‘butts in seats’ and hiring great people to service the customers. On one hand we simply needed enough people to answer the incoming phone calls but on the other hand, we wanted those people to be capable and successful once they hit production.
The processes behind the scenes had their own slew of friction as it related to candidate follow-up, responding to questions, accommodations or adjustments to the positions, finalizing paperwork or getting missing items from the candidate. We created so much double…triple…quadruple work, simply because not everyone followed or understood the processes. We likely could have rededicated all of that time to screening and finding stellar people! The moral of this story is that call center recruiting is no different than the job that we are recruiting for. Our applicants are our customers and setting a great process to support them with well trained recruiters is the key to successfully brining great people in to the workplace.

Well supported people give great support!

Friction in any work place can be frustrating. At Movanti, we can help remove the friction from your company.

Written by Sue Kelly

Sue’s eyes are laser-sharp when it comes to talent and experience. She will spot a perfect fit for your organization no matter how complex the profile you’re looking for. Think of her as the Sherlock to our Watsons.

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