How to Keep Valuable Employees Motivated

Many employers now face major challenges such as finding it more difficult to find skilled and knowledgeable people. A younger workforce with diverse attitudes about work and the growing population of older employees heading towards their retirement is usually the common scenario.

Studies also revealed that many HR executives expressed that one of the biggest challenges they face when it comes to managing workforce is their company’s inability to recruit and to retain good managers and employees. Attracting and keeping skilled and knowledgeable employees is crucial, however, it is sometimes difficult for businesses to handle on their own. If you want your valuable employees to not only stay but also feel inspired and motivated, there are ways that can help you. These ways include, but are not limited to the following:

1. Treat Employees Like Valuable Investors

One effective way to keep employees productive and motivated is to make them feel valued by means of sharing information with them just like how you do with investors. This kind of transparency level allows employees to become more connected to your company, establishes trust and provides employees more interest.

2. Use Your Manners

When your employees are appreciated, they become more productive and happier workers. To make them stay for long and be more motivated, use your good manners. Say hello, thank you and please whenever it’s necessary. These might seem like simple things but certainly have impact when it comes to how employees feel.

3. Give Credit When or To Whom It’s Due

Considering the long hours that your employees spend at the workplace which is usually more than the hours spent with their family, it is highly essential to tell them if they did a great job on particular project or they excelled beyond the call of duty.

4. Communicate Consistently, Clearly, and Often

Good communication is vital in any relationship, including work. Don’t assume that your employees know the expectations, communicate them and give employees an opportunity to ask questions. Over communication is better than under-communication.

5. Encourage Contributions

Valuable employees stay if you let them contribute or share suggestions and ideas. This also makes them feel more important and gives meaning to their jobs. If you give your employee responsibility then expect them to rise into the challenge.

6. Recognize you Employees

Reward your people for their achievements event the smaller ones. There are simple yet effective ways to recognize the hard work of your employees. You can organize recognition events and programs to honor your employees’ accomplishments publicly and personally.

7. Help them Fulfill their Career Goals

Giving your employees the opportunity to build skills and establish connection they actually need to move forward with their careers can actually help build motivation and loyalty.
These are just a few of the many ways to keep you valuable employees motivated. Additional effective ways include providing training, maintaining workforce stations, giving constant feedback, encouraging some fun in the workplace, and many more. All of these will help drive your employees’ interest in their jobs, keep them motivated, and increase overall engagement.

Written by Courtney Meyers

After years of hard training, mastering the arts of of fighting organizational friction, Courtney has finally gathered the perfect team of Friction Ninjas from around the world. They have come to be known as Movanti. Think of her as the Miyagi to our Karate Kids.

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