Building a Culture

What is culture? Culture is defined in a number of ways; many include the traditions, language, knowledge, and stories of a group.

There is one certainty about culture; it is ubiquitous. Every group has a culture, some are intentional but many are not. Think about your own business for a moment, what is your culture? Is it really what you think it is? Is it what you want it to be? Do your employees know what it is? If the answer to these questions is either, you don’t know or simply “no,” you likely do not have a well-defined culture.
Check out these 21 posters that might help you get some inspiration in defining your company culture.
When I talk with business owners about their culture, I find that many of them have a vision of what they want their culture to be but have not taken the steps to truly build it across their organization. This “culture confusion” often creates workplace friction, high turnover, and a general misalignment of attitudes and goals. The solution to this is building a documented culture that flows in to every aspect of the business including hiring, training, performance management, and leadership. Doing so will build alignment in your organization and reduce the number of “people” related headaches that every business owner deals with.
Define your culture and document it. (Photo via PR Web)
Stay Tuned! In future editions we will be diving to hiring, training, and leadership development. We have great small business platforms in each of these areas to help you save time and money.

Written by Courtney Meyers

After years of hard training, mastering the arts of of fighting organizational friction, Courtney has finally gathered the perfect team of Friction Ninjas from around the world. They have come to be known as Movanti. Think of her as the Miyagi to our Karate Kids.

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