The Guide to Creating an Awesome Company Culture

Company culture is defined as the shared beliefs, operating rules, values, traditions and norms of a group of people. Companies can be differentiated by the norms and traditions that they value as an organization.

Shaping your company culture to support your business strategy and goals is not always easy, but it is also not impossible. Here’s how you can define and develop a strong company culture.

1. Define a Corporate Mission

Defining a corporate mission motivates employees to work harder for a worthy purpose. If the mission drives your company, it can have a positive impact on the culture since everyone will be working towards the same goal, regardless of what area they work in, their tenure or type of employee. For instance, an organization that aims to provide exceptional services to clients might have employees who greatly value their status as a professional and hopefully act in a manner that is consistent with the behavior you’d expect from a professional. This will become part of the company culture eventually.

2. Define your Corporate Values

It’s not enough to simply define corporate values. You also need to define corporate values that influence the kind of behavior you value. However, it is important that these values are ingrained into daily operations. Having a solid set of values that is followed by everyone in the company can help shape the company culture.

3. Implement Recognition Programs

Recognition programs and rewards can help strengthen the company culture. For instance, if you want to build a company culture that values teamwork, you should reward successful team leaders and teams. Rewarding the performance of those who did great things at the expense of the team will have a negative impact on your company culture. You should reward people properly to support your values and norms.

4. Convey Your Message

There are various ways to communicate your message. You can use group meetings, emails, videos, newsletters and other forms of communication to get your message to the rest of the company. Just make sure that the message is consistent regardless of the communication medium you choose, this also applies to communication between employees and teams, it should all be focused on the same message.

5. Be A Role Model

Leading by example is the best way to develop a strong company culture. People will immediately realize your real intention if you say one thing and then do another. Keep in mind that inconsistent behavior will damage all the effort you’ve made in recognition, communication or rewards that define the company culture. So, your actions should be consistent with what you’re saying.
A company culture will exist whether you influence it or not, so it’s actually up to you to capitalize on it. Defining and developing a strong company culture can be a great leadership tool. Try to make your company culture support your business goals, strategy, and mission. This may also be among the most important ways to lead the company when you can’t be physically present at all times. If you can develop the right company culture for your organization, it will promote your desired behavior even when you are not there. It will become the normal way of how things are done in your company.

Written by Courtney Meyers

After years of hard training, mastering the arts of of fighting organizational friction, Courtney has finally gathered the perfect team of Friction Ninjas from around the world. They have come to be known as Movanti. Think of her as the Miyagi to our Karate Kids.

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