Effective Recruiting

We pride ourselves on our ability to find someone who is the right fit for your company.

Perfect-Fit Methodology

Once we’re set on the profile we’re looking for, we spread the word through the right platforms. Once the candidates are identified, we do in-depth phone interviews and application questionnaires, which all get passed along as part of an overall candidate assessment.

This collaborative, iterative process leads us to spot the perfect fit for your company.

"I believe we take a different approach rooted in our expertise with organizational culture, employee engagement, and simply crafting an exceptional employee experience."

Courtney Meyers, Chief Friction Ninja

Smart Pricing

Our three pricing options give you plenty of choice between costs and associated risks:

On-Demand Recruiting

Hourly billing

Fees capped at 10% of annual salary

No guarantee

Contingency Recruiting

Flat rate fee

Fees capped at 15% of annual salary

No guarantee

Contingency Recruiting

Flat rate fee

Fees capped at 20% of annual salary

90 day replacement guarantee

What Our Applicants Say

It goes without saying that we are client focused, but we also take to heart that the experience an applicant has with us could be their first contact with your company.

That’s why we want each applicant to have an exceptional screening experience.

“Thank you so much for the amazing interview today. I appreciate your skill for making me feel very comfortable, and your kindness during the call.”

“If you are any indication of the culture of this company, I know it is going to be very successful, and I am thrilled to have an opportunity for an interview.”

“The questions were amazing. I’m going to steal them! You have been the best Director of HR interview I have ever had, and I teach this!”

The Real Question Is:

Are you tired of staffing companies and headhunters throwing resumes at you until one stick?

Contact us today and let’s discuss how we can best help you with all of your upcoming hiring needs.

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